Laguna Dental Center stands out from other dental providers in Laguna Hills, California. Our dentist, Dr. Ronald Ayzin, has a strong reputation for excellent dental care in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Patients have peace of mind that their dental enhancements will look natural.

Dr. Ayzin is also aware that goals for cosmetic dentistry vary from person to person. He accounts for this when designing your enhanced smile. So, our services bring out the natural beauty and facial features. They complement your unique characteristics. Any celebrity smiles that you admire may serve as inspiration. They can be integrated into your smile design. But Dr. Ronald Ayzin does not imitate the exact smile. You are one-of-a-kind and deserve a standout smile unlike anyone else’s!

Cosmetic Dental Services

Many procedures available at our dental studio can improve the esthetics of the teeth, gums, and smile. These procedures may be elective, focused exclusively on cosmetic imperfections. Or, recommended procedures may be more restorative: designed to build up or repair dental structures. It is important to view such procedures as an investment in yourself and your wellbeing. Our smile enhancements last a long time with good, consistent oral care. Outcomes from cosmetic procedures are designed to last!

Cosmetic Dentistry Actual Patient Before and After Image

Your smile design process may start with a complimentary virtual consultation. Afterward, Dr. Ronald Ayzin will meet with you at our office. He can then confirm if recommendations from the virtual consultation are appropriate.

Depending on what he finds during your in-office visit, Dr. Ronald Ayzin may suggest:

  • White spots treatment – Dr. Ayzin evaluates areas of discoloration. Procedures to correct these areas vary, depending on the origin and severity of the discoloration.
  • Dental bonding – We use esthetic and durable dental materials like composite resin. When applied by Dr. Ayzin to the front surfaces of the teeth, the material disguises gaps, chips, wear and tear, and other cosmetic concerns.
  • Porcelain veneers – Dental ceramics such as porcelain are highly stain-resistant. They are also strong and attractive. Veneers and bonding are largely used to cover up many of the same imperfections, such as chipped or irregularly-shaped teeth.
  • Tooth recontouring – Dr. Ayzin applies her skill to achieve a more pleasant-looking and symmetrical smile.
  • Periodontal (gum) recontouring – We can restore or create attractive balance by reshaping the tissues that “frame” the teeth.
  • “Gummy smile” correction – By removing tissue overgrowth at the gum line, Dr. Ayzin reveals more of the teeth in the smile.
  • Invisalign® — We reposition crooked, crowded, misaligned teeth with removable, clear aligners instead of conventional, fixed metal braces.
  • Cosmetic dental restorations – Fillings, crowns, and other restorations rebuild portions of damaged teeth. Dental restorations may be appropriate for patients with cavities and severe fractures.

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Cosmetic Procedures Can Be Combined for a Full-Mouth Smile Makeover!

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Published on July 7, 2023, Updated on July 7, 2023