Ignoring a tooth that has been fractured or cracked might cause your tooth to shatter or split. Craze lines, fractured cusps, split roots, cracked teeth, and vertical root fractures are the five different forms of tooth fractures that occur. Dental fillings, which range in price from around $100 to $300, are typically the most cost-effective therapy for broken teeth. Most dental practitioners advocate for complete crown therapy to repair damaged teeth, as stated in a study published in Pain Research and Management.  Laguna Dental Center, Dr. Ronald Ayzin‘s 5 of years experience in the treatment of cracked tooth.

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Cracked Tooth Treatment by Dr. Ronald Ayzin

Dr. Ronald Ayzin’s vast knowledge in the treatment of broken teeth will guide you through the procedure to ensure that your teeth are in great health. Dr. Ronald Ayzin, a cracked tooth expert, provides free consultations to ascertain the most appropriate course of action and price for the repair of your fractured tooth.

What is a Cracked or Broken Teeth?

When a tooth has been damaged to the point that it has a crack, split, or break in either the enamel or the dentin (or both), this condition is referred to as having a cracked or fractured tooth. This may result from several different things, such as dental decay, trauma, clenching or grinding your teeth, or exposure to extreme temperature fluctuations.

What are the Different Types of Tooth Cracks and Fractures?

Some distinct categories of cracks and fractures occur in teeth, including the following.

  • Craze lines – surface fractures of the tooth that are normally harmless and do not call for any kind of treatment when they are minor and shallow.
  • Fractured cusp – a fracture in the biting surface of a tooth, which is frequently brought on by the eating hard meals.
  • Split tooth – a fracture that runs from the tooth’s chewing surface down to the root may necessitate tooth removal.
  • Crack extension – a fracture that runs from the crown down to the root of the tooth and has the potential to shatter the tooth into many pieces.
  • Vertical root fracture – a fracture that begins at the root of the tooth and continues upward; this type of fracture is painful and increases the chance of losing the tooth.

What are the Causes of Cracked Tooth Syndrome?

Below are the most common cracked tooth syndrome causes.

  • Biting hard foods – Consuming sugary foods like sweets, ice, or popcorn kernels cause damage to one’s teeth.
  • Habits – Cracked teeth are caused by chewing gum, ice, or other hard substances.
  • Large dental fillings or a root canal – It is possible that undertaking these operations will make the tooth more fragile.
  • Teeth grinding – This problem leads to fissures in the enamel of teeth and might create other major structural abnormalities that could impair your jaw.
  • Trauma – A tooth may get cracked or broken if it receives a blow to the mouth.
  • Age – Teeth become more fragile and prone to breaking as we age. This is because of the natural wear and tear that occurs.

How to Determine if your Tooth is Cracked?

Be on the lookout for these sensations if you look for signs of a cracked tooth.

  • Pain that comes and goes, particularly when chewing.
  • Sensitivity to temperature changes or eating sweet foods.
  • Swelling around the tooth.
  • Toothache when biting or chewing.
  • Cracks or chips visible on the tooth surface – There are several instances where the crack may be seen on the tooth surface.
  • Gums that are swollen or tender: the crack may irritate the gums, leading to swelling or pain in that area of the mouth.

I broke my tooth; does it qualify as an emergency?

Most chips and cracks do not require emergency broken tooth care. While they have a tooth that is hurt, the individual has to be careful about what they bite into. Simply observe what they bite into. When you suffer from a cracked or chipped tooth, it is recommended that you avoid very hard foods and temperatures that are either extremely hot or too cold.

Do broken teeth need to be pulled?

When the crack extends below the gum line, the tooth will need to be removed via an oral surgery.

What should be done if a molar tooth has been detached at the gum line?

Your damaged back molar tooth will most likely require your dentist to do a technique known as crown lengthening in addition to recontouring. Be careful to keep the pieces of your tooth that broke off so your dentist tries to salvage it and fuse it together if he or she can. When the damage goes below the gum, the fractured tooth will almost certainly have to be pulled.

How do dentists fix a Cracked Tooth?

Dentists will repair a fractured tooth in a manner that is appropriate for the level of damage. Dental bonding is the treatment for minor cracks, whereas dental crowns are reserved for more severe cases of tooth damage. Root canal therapy, dental implants, or extraction may be necessary in the case of severe cracks.

Can a  fractured tooth be fixed with dental bonding?

Yes. teeth bonding is often regarded as the method that offers the best long-term results at the most reasonable cost. In addition, composite resin serves as a resin to repair tooth that is both long-lasting and seems to be natural.

Is a Dental Filling a good option to repair my cracked teeth?

The restoration of a damaged tooth using filling material is one of the methods that is considered to be the most successful when fixing a broken or cracked tooth. The restorative filling material is what dentists use to provide temporary repairs to teeth that have suffered from decay, fillings for Cracked tooth and are fractured, or otherwise need to be corrected. When it comes to repairing minor tooth damage, dental fillings are an option that is both painless and economical.

Can a Root Canal save a tooth that has cracked?

Yes. Although Root Canal for Broken Tooth has progressed, it is still possible to stop the crack from spreading by having a root canal treatment performed on the tooth and then having a crown placed over it. On the other hand, if the fracture extends below the gum line, it is impossible to cure the condition, and the tooth will need to be extracted since it cannot be saved.

Do Dental Implants fix teeth that have broken?

It is more common practice to utilise a tooth implant to replace a missing tooth rather than to repair a tooth that has been cracked. It is common to occur when a tooth has sustained damage that prevents it from being treated with a root canal or dental crown. When Implanting new teeth, dental implants provide a viable solution by replacing the damaged or missing tooth with a durable and functional implant.

Can Veneers be put over teeth to cover the cracks?

Porcelain veneers are used to fix teeth that have minor cracks or custom-made Veneer all the way through. When you are unhappy with the way that your teeth look, dental veneers are an excellent remedy that you may try.

Should I get a Crown if I cracked my tooth?

When a tooth has been severely broken, it is almost usually necessary to have a ceramic crown caps for cracked tooth teeth. It is a versatile restoration that may address various dental difficulties, such as a cracked, chipped, decaying, deformed, or fractured tooth. Other dental concerns that this restoration remedies include a broken tooth.

How to stop Broken Tooth pain?

The use of ice or a cold compress on the region of the tooth’s gum or cheek relieves the pain caused by a fractured tooth. Try taking a few sips of cold water to alleviate the pain and swelling. When the nerve or pulp of the tooth is exposed, you should avoid putting anything too hot or cold near the tooth until you contact your dentist.

Can hairline cracks in a front tooth heal over time?

When the fracture in the front tooth is shallow, and the tooth is otherwise healthy, the crack are mended over time. For instance, a hairline fracture on the outer level of the enamel that is not unpleasant will mend. This type of crack are found on the surface of the enamel. Your teeth will go through remineralization, the process of healing the microfracture in the enamel.

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