The Geneva School is the Christian school for your family if you wish to provide your kids a traditional Christian education that molds their hearts and sharpens their minds. As they receive a distinctively Christian education that is entirely focused on the Word of God, your children will be prepared by The Geneva School to serve Christ as Lord in every aspect of life. Every lesson is in line with the Bible and the worldview of Christians. Every class encourages students to develop a strong Christian culture.

The Geneva School teaches all courses utilizing the classical technique. This method is referred to as “classical” since it was established in the Middle Ages and has roots in Aristotle. It is distinguished by a whole-child approach to education that makes use of a well-rounded curriculum, classic literature, fine arts, music, and rigorous Latin and Logic studies. In other terms, a classical education is an education in the liberal arts.

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The Geneva School aims to exalt Christ via the cultivation of virtue and wisdom in the classroom. Any educational undertaking should have as its central goal the cultivation of intelligence and virtue, or the love of truth, beauty, and kindness. At the Geneva School, this entails instilling in each student reverence for God and His creation, proprietary (giving every idea its proper expression), respect for our students as fellow image-bearers of God (children are to be nurtured), and discipline (God is a God of order, structure, and creativity).

House System

There is a house system at The Geneva School. Its goals include giving older students a chance to grow as leaders, encouraging comradery between grades, and fostering healthy rivalry within the school. The houses are models for legendary figures. Each dwelling has a corresponding Bible verse and unique biblical traits. The house systems include the Griffin House, Phoenix House, Centicore House, Monoceros House, and Caladrius House.

After School Activities

  • Homework Club – Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday after school till 4:00 pm is when homework club meets.
  • Art with Ellie – You can anticipate a small classroom setting where your child will get a lot of attention and direction in Art with Ellie lessons. a traditional method that teaches drawing and painting fundamentals step-by-step. Semi-complex projects that force your youngster to experiment with new methods and media. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays after school are designated for Art with Ellie.
  • Basketball Team Practice – The basketball teams for the first through fourth grades will practice on Wednesdays and Fridays after school.



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Phone: (949) 377-1616

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