The Advance Beauty College first opened its doors in 1999. The goal of the institute is to motivate students by giving them a top-notch education and preparing each graduate for a career while giving back to their communities. Advance Beauty College was a pioneer in the field, and numerous national and international media outlets have covered its ascent to success, including Fox News, CNN, BBC America, and many more. In addition to receiving national notice, Advance Beauty College has won numerous honors for their leadership, innovation, and dedication to community service.



The institute’s 9,000 square foot, freshly renovated building is situated in Laguna Hills, California, and features a modern cosmetology clinic and a spa-like esthetics skin clinic that may mimic a high-end salon. Smartboard technology is available on the Laguna Hills campus to make our learning environments more interactive and engaging. The goal of the retail area is to provide students with a friendly environment in which they may engage and develop their retail skills. In the clinic area, which has equipment and methods to assist obtain a competitive edge in the beauty industry, students have the chance to develop practical skills through hands-on experience.



  • Cosmetology – The newest hair trends, such as balayage, ombré, pastels, color correction, hair cutting, blow drying, and styling techniques, are available for students to learn. Students who post their work on social networking sites have clients who come from as far away as Los Angeles to buy their art.
  • Barbering – The 1500-hour barbering program provides the chance to master the most recent methods and fashions in this quickly expanding industry. The pupils can learn various treatments, such as straight razor shaving, hot towel treatments, and precision cutting. Students can work with cutting-edge grooming tools and receive training from seasoned barbers.
  • Esthetician – A complete clinical setting and advanced skin care training are both included in the 600-hour esthetician program. To help the students feel ready to fulfill professional demands, the College uses contemporary spa equipment including BT-Micro and NuFACE Microcurrent modalities.
  • Advanced Manicuring – The program covers spa manicure and spa pedicure treatments, which boost offerings by using exfoliating washes, moisturizing masks, warm towel applications, and better massage techniques. Also covered is the popular gel polish technique used in salon settings.
  • Teacher Training – For people who want to work as teachers in the beauty sector, there is a 600-hour teacher training program. Through a shadowing program, Advance Beauty College teacher candidates interact with experts in the field to seek out the most cutting-edge hands-on training while obtaining beneficial time in the classroom to develop their theoretical and practical skills.



Advance Beauty College
25332 McIntyre St, Laguna Hills, CA 92653, United States
Phone: (949) 951-8883

Take MacKenzie St and Costeau St to Alicia Pkwy
6 min (1.1 mi)
Turn right onto Alicia Pkwy
11 sec (331 ft)
Drive to your destination – Laguna Dental Center – 2 min (0.1 mi)


Published on January 4, 2023, Updated on January 4, 2023