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Laser Dentistry

Cosmetic Laser Dentistry

Laser Dental Center uses modern techniques and advanced technology to enhance your natural smile and help you achieve your desired results, such as straightening, reshaping, erasing embarrassing stains and repairing cracks and chips. Through the advancement of dentistry using laser and digital technology, the perfect healthy smile is within your reach.

Laser Brite Teeth Whitening

Laser Brite system will whiten and brighten your smile! After a consultation with Dr. Ataii DMD, Laser Brite will be customized for you to help you achieve a whiter, brighter, and natural smile.

Pediatric Laser Dentistry

No shots for your child! We use minimally invasive laser dentistry, so your child will have a pleasurable dental experience.

Laser Periodontal and Gum Surgery

Our periodontal laser and gum surgery treatments are FDA approved. This is the modern way to fight gum disease and avoid unnecessary gum surgery. The laser is used to remove bacteria below the gum line. Gum tissue may be removed without bleeding and swelling because the laser will seal blood vessels and nerve endings to save your teeth and natural smile.

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